147 LB 8 POINT
           115 5/8" BUCK

Well here is Brett with his second deer of
the season.  He said he would see me Friday
 and he was a day early.

Actually when he left today, he said he would still
be back Friday with a huge doe.

He was hunting by himself today and watched the
buck chasing a doe full speed for over 45 minutes.
They were not in range and the buck was deaf. He
could not hear or should I say, refused to pay
attention to Brett's grunts. He was hunting in
Albion, NY when he took this buck, the best
one of his life.

He was using Buckeye's Doe in Heat urine which
stopped him in his tracks. When he spotted him
around 2:00pm it only took two strong grunts to
bring him in.

The shot was 20 yards and again the
100 grain Montec did a great job as the buck only
went 50 yards. The buck acted like he didn't even
no he was hit. He just walked and just stood there
until he tipped over within sight. When you have
just taken the biggest buck of your life, after 11
years of bowhunting,