146 1/2 lb 9 POINT
          91 5/8" BUCK

Brett started coming in here with his dad, Don,
before he was old enough to hunt. He has
harvested a lot of deer and had a lot of fun, but
never experienced a year like this in his
hunting carrier.

The competition for the properties he was hunting
came to a head this year. Some of the properties
had beginning memories of starting hunting with
his dad. People without permission troubles,
bordering landowner problems, and people with
permission putting stands right on top of Brett's

This was a day like all the rest. He started into his
stand and see's a person hunting he will screw up
if he continued. So Brett backed out, went back to
his truck, drove around the block and came into the
back side. While walking in, he couldn't believe all
the stands and ground blinds he saw.

He finally got to his tree, all sweated up, and half
way up the tree, here comes a shooter buck.
Obviously there was no shot with his bow hanging
on the end of his pull up line. After the deer was
gone he got up to his stand, got his bow up and just
couldn't believe how his year was going. Thirty
minutes later he herd something coming and of
course it was another hunter who waived and
climbed into a stand 40 yards away. Two days before
that stand was not there. Oh well, this is just par for
the 2009 season. Brett just decided to stick it out as
he really didn't have any other options.

At 5:00pm he saw this buck coming his way. Brett
was in between the buck and the other hunter so
he thought this might work out. All of a sudden the
buck looks up, Brett remained motionless. The buck
took a few more steps and looked up again, stamped
his front foot, kept looking up. At 10 yards he turned
sideways and Brett's 100 grain Muzzy was on it's
way. The buck went 70 yards and the BEST BUCK
of his life was on the ground. Brett was hunting with his
friend Wes Marchand. Like I have said many times this
year in my write-ups, archery can jerk you around
emotionally like a rag doll. By the way Wes say's he
will be in tomorrow with a bigger one. Good luck Wes!