ALEX EICHAS: 11/06/09
          156 1/2 LB
          8 POINT 122 1/8"

Alex was entered in the contest by his friend
Jared Regar. I believe it's good luck to have
someone enter you in the contest and I bet Alex
would agree.

I would also bet if you could sneak into Alex's bedroom
tonight, that same smile would be on his face.

Alex has been passing deer all season and was
wondering if he should have on a couple of them.

Then Friday the 6th of November at 5:00pm came.
Alex's main problem was it was 4:15 when the buck
came in sight.

Alex had a second buck almost under his stand and
his grunts and deer vocalizations Alex was doing,
the monster buck must of thought it was the 6 point.

Finally with Alex almost completely drained of
emotions, the buck presented a shot. His Coyote II
broadhead at 31 yards did a super job with the buck
only going 15 yards and tipping over in sight. If you
see Alex and he seems to have a facial disorder of a
permanent smile, your right. It may be incurable.