AARON STROUP: 11/09/09
          176 LB 11 POINT
          129 3/8" POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Aaron and his dad both are the type of bowhunter
that harvest does for meat but won't shoot a buck
unless it meats there standards. If that means
they don't harvest a buck that year they are all right
with that. That is there plan every year.

It has 10 years since Aaron took a buck. The best
way to harvest a buck of this calaber is to pass on
all the lesser bucks.

This allows a older age class of bucks to develope and
improves your chances of harvesting a buck like this.

Aaron from his stand heard this buck doing his thing
for an hour and a half before he saw him. He was
grunting like crazy.

During this time he saw a 4 point, a 6 point and some
does, plus he had a doe with her fawn almost under
his stand. The big guy wasn't chasing a doe, he was
chasing the other bucks. When the bucks grunts
intensifyed, Aaron copied the sound. He said it sounded
like his son blowing on a kazoo as hard as he could.
After copying the buck with a second loud grunt, the
buck came right in.

He made a 30 yard shot with his 100 grain broadhead
and the buck died within sight of his stand. This is his
first Pope & Young buck.