BILL  DOOL: 10/17/09
                118 LB DOE

Bill is no stranger to our deer contest.

Bill was hunting in Chili, NY when he took this nice
doe with a 16 yard shot. She only went 20 yards so
she probably tipped over in sight from the stand.

He shot her at 8:30am. As of 11/15/09 his doe is
still in FIRST PLACE in the deer contest.


Good morning for the opener I had this buck come
through the woods at 50 yards but I could not get
an opening to shoot. I grunted a few time but would
not turn final at about 70yrds he stopped in an
opening when I grunted an I squeezed one off from t
he muzzleloader and when the smoke cleared all I
could see was white stomach as he dropped where
he was standing. With a big smile as I approached to
verify he was a ten pointer, not the big one I had
pictures from my stealth camera but he's a keeper.
Good luck all and keep me informed on your