TOM CRANDALL: 11/14/08
          109 LB 8 Point BUCK

Tom and his brother are regulars in the Creekwood deer
contest. Tom got home the last day of the bow season and
figured he didn't have time to go out because of a hockey
match at 7:30 he had to go to. After thinking about it a while
he decided he had to go out.

Tomorrow he new he would get some meat for the year,
opening day of gun season, but he enjoyed taking them
with a bow so much more. He had passed on three different
bucks this season.

He was hunting in Clarkson, NY and at 4:50, very very
close to the end of bow season he took this 8 pointer with
a 20 yard shot. He was using a 100 grain Thunderhead
broadhead and 40 yards was as far as the buck could go.

They told me, bow season wouldn't be complete without
bringing a deer to Creekwood. These two brothers have a
lot of fun competing with each other. Usually they bring
there kids along for the weigh in and picture taking. Tom
said, Dan couldn't get out much this season but he did ear
5 bags of Regular Doritos's.

These guys will be in during gun season weighing deer,
pushing each other buttons.