TIM  WAHLS: 10/22/08
          156 1/2 LB 10 Point BUCK
           Scoring 116 0/8"

Well he's back. Tim, on the left came in third place in
our contest last year. His son, just to Tim's right
commented while weighing this buck and I quote;
"I'm glad we came here tonight, because now I know
what it's going to take to win the contest". Both Tim
and his son exude confidence without being boisterous
about it.

Tim was hunting in Brockport and made a 3 yard running
shot on this buck chasing does. The buck only went 40
yards. Tim should be a surgeon the way he pinpoints his

The crab claws on both the main beams make you want
to go eat lobster.

You never know with Tim if he is going to have a buck
mounted or not. He has taken a lot of nice deer.

Great job Tim.