2008 OHIO HUNT
    11/08 Slammer 8 Point BUCK

Over the last four years these two have become friends.

Terry is the owner of World Record Strings which received

that name because Christi set some WORLD RECORDS
shooting strings her husband made for her.

Christi is one of a few PROS that actually comes down
amongst the rest of archers to play archery. Shoot
WNYFAB and you will meet these two.

A bunch of Creekwood shooters are shooting his strings
and are doing well with them.

Terry sent me these pictures and it looks like they
had a great trip.

Terry is in the Coast Guard and Christi runs the archery
dept. at a Gander Mountain store in Buffalo.

They have a brand new son named Hunter who has
already been to a lot of big archery shoots.

Christi is a butt kicking Pro shooter for Hoyt USA.

First NY bow kill. The smile tells it all.

Two great bucks in one year and a bride that
hunts. No wonder -----