TERRY  ALLEN: 10/23/08
    277 LB (Not Gutted) 8 POINT
    Scoring 116 3/8" MONSTER BUCK

This is Jeff Allen's brother on the left with the biggest
Bow Buck of his life.

According to Cornell Universities Deer Sheet this
buck would field dress at around 232 pounds making
it the 2nd biggest buck Creekwood has ever weighed
on its scale.

Like a dummy, I didn't take a picture of it on the scale,
but it filled up the whole platform end to end.

What a monster. The 17 yard shot he made on this
buck at 6:00 pm was absolutely perfect. The buck
only went about 50 yards.
When Terry was leaving I ran out and took this picture
in the bed of his pickup but it doesn't do the buck justice.