RICK EGAN: 11/06/08
             145 Pound 9 Point BUCK
             Scoring 84 4/8"

Rick has been a customer using the Buckeye scents we sell for
many years. This buck was following a doe grunting when he hit
Rick's scent stream he had out and left the doe.

He said he got about half way to where there would be a shot and
stopped. Looked at the doe, looked toward the stand and in he
came. The doe in heat he had out did the job, a 20 yard shot was
made and the undertaker broadhead did the job.

He was hunting in Granger, NY and the buck only went 50 yards.
He has been hunting every weekend and was looking forward to
his spot.

Shortly after things were supposed to start up all he could hear
was a chain saw and two men talking. He decided he had to move,
which he did and
at 8:00 every came together. This is Rick's 2nd biggest bow buck.