MIKE  MORAN: 10/22/08
          182 LB 9 Point BUCK
          Scoring 129 4/8"
          POPE & YOUNG

Mike had a friend enter him in the contest. For anyone
who doesn't know, Pope & Young animals are record
book animals.

Because Mike is a new customer, I can't tell you much
about him. His youngest son was home sick today and
they both like donuts. Wednesday the 22nd we had a
Pumpkin Shoot with about 20 kids in the shop shooting
all kinds of stuff and the deer just started rolling in. When
I was done weighing and measuring deer the pumpkin
shoot was over and Mike's two boys had feasted well.

The buck was taken in Oswego County with a 125 grain
Thunderhead broadhead. It was a 28 yard shot at 9:25am
and the buck went about 210 yards.
As you can imagine, Mike was a pretty happy camper. To
harvest a animal like this is as I told him, I hope, not a once
in a lifetime event.

You are looking at lasting memories for more
than one person, the blood trail ended in a
dirt nap for the buck, and,