LAURA  KNAB: 10/31/08
          124 LB 6 Point BUCK
Scoring 70 1/8"

Well all you Young Adults, now the pressure is on.
It's one think to get beat, but it's something else to
get beat by a girl.

Now we have a girl on both sides of the winner board.

Laura won our contest in 2006 and last year the deer
made her a little humble. This young lady was really
turned on taking this buck. When she comes in the
shop, she is usually kind of quiet. This buck had her
pumped up and talking like a storm.

She was in a tree that wasn't very big and the way the
wind blew today, it's a wonder she stuck it out. She was
hunting in Murray, NY and at 7:45 am she got the job
done with a 100 grain Thunderhead broadhead.

It was a 10 yard shot and the buck only went 50 yards. He
was walking past Laura, she was at full draw and she
whistled to stop him. He didn't stop so she hollered at him
to stop him. He still didn't stop so she just shot him walking.
Right after she shot him a larger 5 pointer came by to late
for her airmail message. She says she will get him during
gun season. She couldn't go to school today because a deer
friend was not feeling well. It was like he was taking a dirt nap.


Art, her dad said she is doing great in school on her grades an
as a result once in a while she gets to work on her deer sickness,
because she has earned it.