113 LB 5 Point BUCK
          Scoring 45 0/8"

Larry was hunting in Hamlin, NY and at 9:30 am he shot
a nice doe and before he got out of his tree at 10:00 am
he shot this buck.

It's hard to wait a half hour before you start tracking but
if doubling on whitetails is the result, I would suggest
everyone doing it.

When he got out of the tree the bucks blood trail was
the best one o he followed that first. He said he went 130
yards which was to far.

I told him a deer doesn't take very long to go that far.
He agreed, when he thought about it. Not all the deer
go down in sight.

 So as I'm typing this, Larry is probably out in the
woods tracking his second deer for the day. I said to him,
quite a few people this year have taken multiple deer, but
none in the same day. He said, how about a half hour apart.
I told him Lisa Capizzi had that record, a buck and a doe in
5 minutes and videoed by her husband also. Larry said he
thought he had a liver shot on her and was pretty sure he
would find her.