JULIE SEALEY: 10/25/08
          172 LB 8 Point BUCK
          Scoring 107 1/8"
           96 1/2 LB DOE

First things first: Some bowhunters are drop dead

Julie is a brand new bowhunter this year. She was a
student in one of my bowhunter education classes this
year. Her mentor, coach, guide and boyfriend is John
Brozak. Need I say more. John is a bowhunting wild man.  

First thing is the hat. It has a pink lining and above the pink
lettering you can see it says, "As a matter of fact (in brown
letters) I DO HUNT LIKE A GIRL". The hat was an Easter
present from John.

The other girl in the picture is Julie's 12 year old daughter,

They were hunting in Letchworth where Julie made the
10 yard shot at 6:00 pm. She was using Stinger 100 grain
broadheads. The buck ran and went right by John's
treestand and headed toward his truck and also the road.
Julie was climbing down when the herd the screech of
breaks. At first John thought someone had hit his truck
but, a lady in a station wagon hit Julie's buck trying to
make it across the road. The buck was dead right next to
John's truck.

When you start out hunting with a bow killing a buck
heavier than anything your New York Bowhunter
Education Instructor has taken in 51 years.

Your buck ran to the truck so you didn't have to drag it.
You are in a deer contest presently in 3rd place for rack
and 3rd place for weight, you have a pretty good start
in bowhunting.

Then two days later you harvest a nice doe just to put
the icing on the cake.

This time it was a 12 yard shot and the doe went 0 yards.
When you start out your bowhunting career you know ---

P.S. - I think I have a lot of customers that wish they could
hunt like this girl.