JOHN  CRANDALL: 10/19/08
            142 1/2 LB 8 Point BUCK
            Scoring 70 7/8"

John took this buck in Claranden, NY with a 100 grain
Muzzy broadhead at 9:00 am in the morning. The shot
was 20 yards and the buck only went 50 yards.

We had a lot of fun guessing what the weight was with
seven different numbers from the people there.

When John came in with this super buck, I couldn't help
think about my kids when they were young and growing
up. The proud look on John's face is well deserved.

Taking a Whitetail deer with a bow is one the most difficult
if not the most difficult animal on this planet to harvest.

Sometimes when I'm working on the deer contest I think
I'm becoming a sentimental old curmudgeon but, when
you see a beautiful day like this, a dad with two sons by
his side, a real nice 8 point buck in possession, in the back
of a nice pickup truck, you absolutely know without a shadow
of a doubt ---