JIM  MOORE: 10/19/08
          169 LB 8 Point BUCK
          Scoring 82 4/8"

Jim and his son were hunting in Bergen, NY when this
hunt went down. Jim's son had a shot at this beautiful
buck and missed which is called paying your dues, or
experiencing personal growth.  

There are not many hunters who have NEVER missed.
His son said he was a little excited when he shot at and
missed this great buck. Excitement and misjudging the
distance were his main issues. Controlling emotions
when you up close and personal with the wily whitetail
is not an easy thing to do for anyone.

Jim made a 15 yard shot on this buck which weighed one
more pound than my biggest buck ever.

He was using a Thunderhead broadhead and the buck
went about 150 yards.

This is Jim's best bow buck ever and a day when you
have achieved your personal best is a great day.

What a super buck to create father son common
memories that will never be forgotten.