JIM LOCKWOOD: 11/08/08
                     8 Point BUCK

This is a note Jim E-Mailed me:
I don't know whether it was the tune-up on my bow or
using the heavier arrows you made for me, but my
Black Eagle has never shot better. As you can see by
the attached picture, it paid off yesterday with this nice
2 1/2 yr. 8 pointer.

It was a 25 yd. angling away shot (off my fingers), but
the arrow lodged in the bone on the far side and did not
exit. Not much of a blood trail in the dry leaves, but he
only traveled about 100 yards. I passed on a few 4, 5, & 
6 pointers to get here, but worth the wait. Thanks for all
your help. - Jim Lockwood