JIM LANEY: 11/10/08
          152 1/2 LB 8 Point BUCK
          Scoring 101 7/8"

Jim woke up Monday and almost didn't get up and then
he thought I need to get up and go get my Marine Corp,
birthday buck and he did.

He made a 20 yard shot with Steve McKeown's arrow
which only allowed the buck to go 40 yards. The buck
looked up at him and then he looked down which was a
big mistake for the buck. The buck accepted the 125
grain Muzzy broadhead in Clarkson, NY at 7:15 and the
Marine got his birthday present. Happy Birthday all you

When we went outside to weigh it and score it he said
all it has to be is 1/8" bigger than Al Stevens buck. Well,
it wasn't so then we compared the weights and he had
Al beat, but he said Al would never go for that.

So then we came up with the score plus the weight and
Jim came out on top, so guess Al owes Jim a bottle of
Lipton iced tea with lemon. Actually Al was in the shop
today, and he said he didn't go for that either.