92 LB Spike BUCK

Jerry was hunting in LeRoy when he took this spiker.
He was shooting a 100 grain Razorcap broadhead when
he made a 16 yard pass thru shot resulting in a 60 yard
bloodtrail at 5:30 pm. When he came in the shop a
customer asked what the buck scored. Jerry of course
said 11.

Jerry is both a auto mechanic and a hunting mechanic.
He majors in minor things and as a result he always
seems to be successful. His equipment is always in
excellent condition. His hunting conversations always
show a lot of thought and he can tell a great joke also .

Jerry has been a indoor 3D league shooter at Creekwood
for the last three years and in the picture are his two
hunting buddies, Mike Roffe and Ed Downey.


Especially when you come in and pick up the