JAKE SWANSON: 10/26/08
         106 LB 6 Point BUCK
      79 1/2 LB Button BUCK
                         108 LB DOE
                           88 LB DOE

Jake is an infectious young man that just kind of grows on you.
He and his dad Mark were hunting in the town of Sweden when
around 6:00 pm Mark took a 12 yard shot at this buck and did not
like the hit.
 He got out his cell phone and made a (911) call to Jake (the
local swat team) his son, to give him a heads up, the buck
was coming his way.

About 10 minutes later Jake saw the buck, used his range
finder and ranged the buck at 30 yards.

At about 27 yards the buck turned sideways and Jake got
the job done with a 100 grain Thunderhead broadhead and
his Hoyt Avenger XT100. The buck went about 30 yards to
his final destination. The tag team match worked sweet and
father son memories were formed.

Jake and his dad moved a stand yesterday and today he
thought he would check it out. They had a lot of sign in the
area. On his way there it started spitting snow and he knew
it was going to be a great hunt.

He said the deer caught him by surprise, but he was able to
get his bow and make the 15 yard shot. He said, "It is really
great when you see them fall". The buck went less than 25
yards. He was hunting in Sweden, using a 100 grain
Thunderhead broadhead and did the deed at 5:20 pm.

This time Jake put up a buddy stand and invited Tyler to go
hunting with him.

They had a 6 point buck at 13 yards with no tag. Good
but Bad. Good for Tyler, Bad for Jake. He wanted to
take it but no buck tag. Tyler said, it was so cool.

Then Tyler spotted the doe. Again in Sweden, Jake sent
the 100 grain Thunderhead on is way and at 5:45 pm the
32 yard shot found it's mark. 60 yards later it was a dirt
nap for the doe and possibly the need for dad to buy a
bigger freezer. Actually Jake said he was going to take
her to Rod Mank's and donate her to, "Food for the hungry".
Rod's deer cutting is one of the approved places for that