GRANT  TAYLOR: 10/18/08
          99 1/2 LB SPIKE BUCK
                   121 1/2 LB DOE

Grant does it all in archery. He shoots our indoor 3D league,
he shoots spots and he shoots 3D outdoors. I'm not 100%
sure, but I think he shot field archery this summer. Grant
says in North Carolina they call these horns, "Cow Horns".
As many of you know Grant is a professional photographer.
When you see the Wegman's truck go buy with the picture
of the chief holding out a plate of food, that is Grant's work.
My Kodak DC40 is still pumping out deer contest pictures,
and Grant is so polite complementing me on my pictures.

Grant is a person who works hard at his deer hunting. The
deer are very lucky Grant doesn't have more free time for
his bowhunting. He travels quite a bit at his job. He was
hunting in Canandaigua, NY using a 125 grain G5 Montec
broadhead. The shot was 21 yards at 6:00 pm and the buck
only went 20 yards.

For anyone reading this who doesn't hunt, or understand
how an broadhead works, think about it. How long does it
take a deer to run 20 yards?
                    121 1/2 LB DOE

Grant was hunting in Canandaigua, NY again and made a
perfect 27 yard shot on this doe with a 125 grain G5 Montec

There was more than one doe in the group. The second
doe he shot at the exact same yardage standing in the
exact spot only this doe was keyed up from the previous
shot and the arrow went over her back.

That's what you call jumping the string.

He is coming out tomorrow morning to weigh the doe.
Poundage and pictures will followand here they are.

Bowhunting is extremely effective and ---

If you have noticed the "LIFE IS GOOD" stickers in the
shop, some of them were a gift from Grant. Thanks'
again BUD. When he came out he brought Marcia and
I Starbucks coffee and scones. Thanks Grant.