FRED CASE: 11/01/08
          121 LB DOE
          102 LB 6 Point BUCK
          Scoring 50 2/8"

Fred is a serious shooter in any form of archery with the
exception of traditional. He is at home on a FITA field, a
3D shoot, 20-30-40 indoors, indoor 3D or 20 yard spots.

The problem this doe had is Fred is partially retired and
has had more time to practice this year than ever. The
Muzzy 100 grain did the job of presently putting Fred in
1st place on the contest board.

Fred helps us out big time around Creekwood. He was
hunting in Clarkson and made the shot at 3:45 pm.

When the doe went out of sight it only went 20 more yards
which made finding her a piece of cake.
          102 LB 6 Point BUCK
          Scoring 50 2/8"

What your looking at here, is a man with his 1st bow buck.
This is Fred's 5th bow deer so venison in the freezer is not
strange to him, but there is something about your 1st buck
with a bow that is real special.

Fred wears hearing aids and noise is not your friend when
hunting whitetails. If the wind is not blowing a deer can hear
a watch ticking at 20 yards. Last week Fred had a bad
experience in the same stand with a nice buck and a noisy
stand was part of it.

This buck came in on the same run. Fred drew his bow at the
same place only this time the buck stopped. Fred held the bow
at full draw until he couldn't hold it any more and had to let
down. As soon as he let down, out came the buck and Fred had
to draw the bow now. He wondered if he could and as you can
see, got it back, sent the arrow on it's 22 yard trip, got a
complete pass through, and in Clarkson, NY, at 7:35 am
harvested his 1st buck. The buck was a scraper and would have
been a 7 pointer had he not broken his rack.


Especially when you come in and pick up the cabbage.