ERIC WAGONER: 11/06/08
          133 1/2 LB 5 Point BUCK
          Scoring 56 7/8"

Eric was hunting in Rathbone, NY with his dad Bill when he
took this buck.

He called this buck his mutant 5 point. The rack was all
broken as you can see and where it was broken it was
kind of soft and cracked.

The 15 yard shot with his Rage broadhead did the job. It
was only 15 yards to the dirt nap.

Eric had passed on 4 deer when he decided to take this
one. Without a lot of imaginenation you could make this
guy into a 10 point before some other buck broke him up.

He said the buck came in from down wind so the Tinks
he had out must have worked. When Eric opened him up
his stomach was full or acorns.