ED DOWNEY: 11/01/08
                   59 LB DOE

Ed has been a customer for many years. You have seen
his picture before in the deer contest photos, but never
with his own deer.

Ed is a Department head at Brockport College and is just
a super guy. Every year these three guys shoot our indoor
3D league. Ed loves the outdoors. He goes out to Grand
Junction Colorado every year and comes back with just
gorgeous pictures.

Ed was using a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead and was hunting
in the Town of Murray. He heard the deer coming before he
saw it and as it came heading towards him so there was no
shot. The doe looked right at him for maybe a 20 count. He
thought he was busted. Then the doe went into some thick
brush, again not offering a shot. There was a buck about 70
yards away and the doe kept looking in that direction. Then
she came out of the brush and gave Ed the big look again.

After a while the doe forgot about the big lump standing on
his climber in the tree which was a big mistake because the
17 yard shot at 4:45 pm was perfect. The doe only went 30
yards. They gathered her up and took her down the Ed
Downey highway. In case you aren't familiar with that, his
hunting buddies, Jerry and Mike call all the trails he
maintains by that name.

I can remember vividly how I felt when I took my first bow
deer and I asked Ed if he had ever accomplished anything
so difficult in his life. Ed said, when I worked on my Doctorate
it was extremely difficult, very tedious, almost never ending
job, but there was no emotions involved like there is in hunting.
I would say taking a whitetail with a bow is the most rewarding
thing I have ever done. Successful bowhunters understand
what he was feeling because that's why we do it.
That is what makes you know ----

P.S. About five years ago at the Archery Trade Show they had
a speaker there from Newfoundland. He also had a Doctorate
Degree and his topic was hunting. He talked about where your
mind is when watching a fire. He said the reason you are mesmerized
by a fire is because it takes you back into your spirit where thousands
of years of your ancestors gathered around a fire staying warm and
cooking the kill of the day. I totally agree, only I am not as good at
telling about the thought or feeling as he was. I believe this is why
hunters have such deep feelings about there modern day sport of
hunting. Your mind goes there around a camp fire, a candle or even
watching the burn barrel in the backyard.