105 LB PIEBALD 6 Point BUCK
          Scoring 51 4/8"

Last week, Todd Abbey (below with Dustin)one of our
good customers came in and was telling me about this
neighbor kid who was working so hard on hunting. He
said his mother was going out with him in the wind and
rain, and was just a real special kid. I said, is his name
Dustin? Todd said, how did you know that?

Dustin took this buck while on the ground, which is really
tough. He was hunting in a treestand, got a call from his
mom (shown below), saying they had to go to the house,
so he got down and decided to walk out a different way.
He saw a doe but couldn't get a shot. It was too thick.

Then he saw the buck coming his way. He drew
his bow, but no shot presented itself. He said, I was
shaking like a leaf. I thought, I've got to stop shaking.
Then a second shot opened up and shaking like mad
man I shot him.

When I let go, I thought it was a good shot and then afterwards
I was thinking, what if it was a bad hit? Obviously it was a
great shot because the buck only went 40 yards. The piebald
part of the bucks coloration is all the white on the bucks legs.  

Dustin was using a Crossfire broadhead and shot the buck at
1:14 pm.

When you say to this kid, do you have any teeth, this is what
When he and his mom came out on the road, they
ran into Todd and Dustin asked Todd if he would help he get
the buck. Todd not only helped him get the buck, he brought
it to the shop to be entered, and gave up an evening hunt.

This kid and his friend, Nick are having a hoot hunting with
each other. On 10/30/08 Dustin made a 15 yard shoot on a Gray
Squirrel which he said was delicious. Dustin said to me to be
sure to mention he attended the 2008 Creekwood Archery
Summer Camp. He said, "If I hadn't gone to camp, I never would
have gotten this buck". 

As you can see, this buck was a fighter. He would have been a
7 pointer and scored a lot higher if he wasn't all broken up. Both
main beams were broken off. As a matter of fact only two points
wern't broken.

His friend Nick's mom was the first one to get to the shop, then
is mom kissing the buck, then Todd with the buck and the guy
with the NRA hat on who I think is hid grandfather. All I know is
 your looking at is an infectious kid that makes everyone want
to show up and you know ----