10 Point BUCK

Dewey stopped in the shop to see about a league and said
he would send me some pictures of his buck. It has a real
wide rack. I have known Dewey for probably 15 years and
for a person who owns his own business this guy has his act
together. His place always looks immaculate. Most business
owners like me for instance allow there business to run there
life. Dewey could easily be my hero. Dewey took this nice
buck on his own property with a 20 yard shot. He grunted to
stop it and it was deaf. Then he grunted louder and the buck
made the mistake of stopping which resulted in a dirt nap. He
 is president of the local chapter of "The Wild Turkey Federation".
He started it from nothing and built it up into something so big,
he needs help. If you enjoy hunting turkeys and would like to
get involved give Dewey a call.