5 Point BUCK

This is Bob Lonsberry who you may know from WHAM
radio in Rochester, NY.

He is not a customer at Creekwood but he is our only
positive voice on the radio in Rochester with regards
to hunting and gun ownership.

He and I have E-mailed each other occasionally over the
years. Bob and I have, I feel many things in common. Like
all the professionals at WHAM, it is there job to make
listeners feel like they have a  friend on the radio and Bob
has accomplished that with me.

I have met him many times: At a couple of dinners in
Letchworth Park where he accused me of stealing his laugh,
at a NYS Hunting Instructor banquet where he made some
comments that have become part of my Bowhunter Education
Classes. Doc & Katie Abraham were common friends.

At one point I even asked him if he would advertise my
business on his show and invited him kids to the shop.
Bob was very polite when he declined and wished me well
with my business. Over the years I have come to believe
he is not very pro bowhunting, but he is our strong voice on
protecting our 2nd amendment and weather he likes
bowhunting or not, I consider him my friend and a person I
care about. He took this nice 5 pointer on a friends farm in
the southern tier opening day of gun season. If you want to
read a detailed story of the hunt, log on to WHAM and type
in Bob as the key word. He is on the radio from 11:00 am to
2:00 pm Mon thru Fri and has a program called "The Little
Show", on Saturday. I like your tell it like it is style Lonsberry.
Great job hunting.