115 3/4 LB 7 Point BUCK
             Scoring 67 2/8"

Your looking at a retirement specialist. Al is having on super year.
His 7 point was a buck from Macomb, NY in Saint Lawrence County
on last years tag. This was the first northern zone deer ever entered
in the contest.

When he brought this buck in Al had two packages of ground left
from last year. That is great timing. He made a 5 yard shot with a
100 grain Thunderhead broadhead and the buck went 0 yards. Now
that is a short blood trail. I believe Al said his northern hunts have
produced three deer for five trips.
             115 1/2 LB DOE

Al's doe was taken in Sweden. He made a 20 yard shot with the
same broadhead and the doe went 0 yards.

There seams to be a pattern here. He took her at 4:30 in the afternoon.
Al is an extremely serious hunter who is enjoying his retirement the
way most men dream about.

Al has shot our indoor 3D league for years having a lot of fun with his
friend Jim Laney.
             144 1/2 LB 8 Point BUCK
             Scoring 106 1/8"

This 8 point buck, Al took just wouldn't go away. Al had decided not to
shoot it, but when the buck stood perfectly broadside at 25 yards in the
wide open, Al couldn't pass the opportunity. He new he was over 100".
 This deer made it 18 yards before it tipped over and took
a dirt nap, which is further than the other two deer made it.
Al took the buck at 2:50 in the afternoon and was hunting in
Livonia, NY.

Both the main beams were broken off and Al and I thought
maybe the right one was missing about 3 inches and the
left one maybe 2 inches. As you can see the right one is
lower than the left which would maybe leave just enough
space for another bucks antler to slide in there and become
jammed if the buck twisted his head a bit. If you have an antler
2 1/2" in diameter that you don't care about, try to break it.

Al took some pictures in the woods from his stand and just
the way the buck was before ever being touched by human

This is his hunting area.

As you can see, the buck got caught in some grape
vines when he went down and posed him for the photo.

Next weekend Al is hunting down at Jim Laney's camp,
so stay tuned for maybe more deer or bear or turkey.
Al is a multi-state turkey hunting sick-o.
             102 (Unofficial) LB DOE

I got a doe at Jim Laney's yesterday morning. She came along
at 9:50 on a four-wheeler trail and I shot her at 30 yards using a
Thunderhead 100. Perfect broadside shot, she only went twenty

I have a good scale and weighed her at 102#. My five year old
grandson wants to see a deer butchered so he'll be over soon 
thus I'll be butchering her this afternoon. Jim and Steve McKeown
haven't gotten anything yet so are still down there hunting.
Attached is a picture.