TOM  STROUP: 11/02/07
    191 LB 8 Point 110 1/8" BUCK

What you looking at here is a part of my ticket and John
Jolly's ticket to heaven. When a minister drops his bow
out of a tree an god doesn't save it then Creekwood
Archery and John Jolly my neighbor have to go into

A new whisker biscuit is $61.00 and a minister doesn't have
money to burn, so Mr. Jolly said, "Give me that thing and I
will fix it for you". He took his bent rest over to the 20 ton
press he has and came back with it straightened.

The very next day Tom brings in what is now the third place
buck in the contest. Now Creekwood can't take all the credit.
Tom had to make the 25 yard shot and trail the buck for 100
yards  to see the job his 100 grain Muzzy broadhead did.

I didn't here the story, but I'm sure his son was in on the hunt
also. Tom was hunting in Sweden, NY and made the shot at
6:00 pm.