TOM  SAWYER: 11/06/07
          126 LB 7 POINT BUCK

Tom is what you would call an all around archer. For tens of
years he was the number one worker at Flying Arrow Archery
Club. When I was treasurer of the club for 7 or 8 years the
majority of the money in the treasury was earned with this
mans chain saw.

He is also an accomplished target archer shooting both indoors
at Creekwood Archery and outdoors at Rochester Bow Hunters
in Bergen, NY where he is the range captain. Tom has given a
lot to the sport of archery.

He has a camp down in the southern tier near Belfast, NY,
where he took this 7 pointer. He was shooting a 100 grain
Thunderhead broadhead, made a nice 14 yard shot and the
buck only went 60 yards. The rack is all beat up because
this was a buck with an attitude. The brow tines are kind of
concave or palmated. It's called meat in the pot.