RON  PENNA: 11/09/07
          172 1/2 LB 11 Point 127 3/8"
          POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Ron Penna is a man's man. He is the # 1 Charter Boat Captain
on Lake Ontario, Buc-A-Roo Charters. He plows snow all winter.
He brings my wife more muffins than anyone, me included.

He also hunts his butt off, and does that well also. He killed
this buck in Illinois on the next to last day of his hunt.

He drove out there in September and put up five stands. His
friend Chris Efing who runs Chrysalis Charters went with him
and lost a nice buck. That's why they call it hunting.

Ron and five other guys went to Colorado elk hunting and
really got hammered with weather. Ron will hunt in all kinds
of rain but got stuck in camp for 4 days in a total thunder and
lightning storm.

Ron has been talking about taking a 150 class whitetail for
five years or so. When he walked up to this guy the right antler
was in the l eaves, and he new he was close.

When he lifted up the head and saw the G3 on the right side
broken off he was kind of deflated.

Then he thought, if I had known it was busted off he would
have shot him anyway. What an awesome animal. Even with
a 7 or 8" tine broken off this deer still made the record book.

He weighed 172 1/2 pounds 2 days after he shot it, with the back
legs cut off and all the belly meat trimmed off. It was a 20 yard
shot with a Wasp 125 grain broadhead at 6:40 am in Jacksonville,
Illinois. The buck only went 30 yards.