RON  HEWSON: 10/28/07
          115 1/2 LB DOE
          101 1/2 LB DOE

Ron is no stranger to our deer contest. He took both of these
does on the same day.

He took the 115 11/2 lb. doe at 7:30 am with a 43 yard shot in
Pavilion, NY.

That evening he took the second one with a 5 yard shot in
Warsaw, NY. He killed both deer with G5 100 grain Montec
broadheads. His girlfriend Sara in the picture shot a 5 point
buck but lost it to praetors. She has been having issues with
penetration so she switched this year to 100 grain G5 Strikers.
The buck swung around when she shot and she buried the
arrow to the fletch so the blood trail wasn't good, but she was
real happy with the penetration at her poundage. They found
her buck two days later with the aid of vultures.