Wisconsin Buck 200+ LBS
          (Not our scales) 145+ "
           POPE & YOUNG BUCK
           Kansas Buck 
           POPE & YOUNG BUCK
           Illinois Buck 
           POPE & YOUNG BUCK

Peter is, as you probably know one of my hunting buddies.
The other guy in the picture is Garrett Armstrong, another
young fellow I have bear hunted with in Quebec. Both these
guys bust there hump all year long so this will happen come
hunting season. They both specialize in air mail messages
ending in DIRT NAPS.

Peter is the National Sales Manager for G5 Montec Hunting
Products. Garrett joined the G5 team last October. Both these
guys are Tree Saddle Sick'os. The buck was taken in Buffalo
County Wisconsin. Pete made the shot from his Tree Saddle
and Garrett videoed the hole enchilada from his Tree Saddle.
When I talked with Pete today they were on there way to Kansas,
then back to Illinois and plan to be home the 16th of November.

It's a tough job but somebody's got to do it. The buck has a 20 4/8"
inside spread and scores some ware around 145" with a 10" G2
broken off on the right side. The G2's and G3's are all over 10".
Stay tuned for more adventures with Pete and Garrett.

You can tell by lookingat Pete's face, he is really disappointed.

I told you he kills stuff out of a tree saddle.

"Will Hunt For Food" - Obviously Pete likes to eat venison.

I don't have any information on these two latest accomplishments,
But I'm sure he will call. When you hunt with Pete you need, a tree
saddle, a bow, a release, and some arrows with of course G5 Montec
broadheads. All these bucks were killed with a new Striker 1 1/2. It
looks like they work pretty sweet. GREAT JOB PETE! Oh I forgot you
might need a hunk of cheese and a hunk of bologna for food when
you hunt with the Tree Saddle crew.

The 1 1/2" Striker...I like to call it the "Magnum"...connects
again. We got great video of this buck with Adrenaline Outdoors,
Team Realtree, and G5. Special thanks to Kyle Wieter for inviting
us to his lease in Illinois. I have had a very lucky year but now it
is time to go home and buy some lottery tickets.

For a person it is a great thing to know Peter, for any animal who
wants to stay alive, it is not a good thing to know Peter.