MATT  CANTRELL: 10/13/07
     199 1/2 LB 9 Point 93 1/8" BUCK

Matt and his wife Jamie both enjoy shooting bows at Creekwood.
This year he had the go-ahead to order a new bow which he did.

Then the new furniture got ordered and the funds were getting
thin. Matt came in and said his wife really deserved the new
furniture and wanted to cancel the order. I asked him if he was
willing to work by helping me to do fencing. He and I came to an
agreement and Matt got his buck killing bow and Jamie got her
new furniture. They have a great family.

He helps out Mountain Man Taxidermy part time and has
mounted some of his own stuff. This guy really like bowhunting.
As a matter of fact he has the sickness so bad, I think it's incurable.

The weight on this buck tops the 1st place buck for weight in
the contest last year. TIME WILL TELL!