JOHN  HIGGINS : 10/31/07
          101 1/2 LB DOE
           10 Point BUCK
John and his bride Molly are becoming regulars at Creekwood.
John is the hunter that harvested the buck hanging in the shop
with three antlers.

They both make there living as farmers. Molly is a herdsman
who watches over 480 cows and John can do anything if it
has to do with farming.

He bought a new Hoyt this which he shoots lights out. He is a
hunter who uses only one pin and uses Kentucky windage to
shoot closer or further than 25 yards. He has been having
some issues with distance because his new bow shoots so
flat compared to his old bow.

Issues seem to be fixed - John took a nice 10 point buck with a
42 yard shot that clipped everything off the top of the heart. The
buck went 60 yards. The Titanium 100 grain broadhead did a
great job in Churchville, NY at 11:00 am. He has split brow tines.
Pictures to follow.