JOEL  HENSHAW: 10/24/07
          211 1/2 LB 10 POINT 142 7/8"

When Joel got to his stand he only had to wait 1/2 hour before the
buck of possibly his lifetime came along.

Joel has been bowhunting for ten years and in the last three years he
has taken three bucks.

For those of you that don't release it these kind of results are not
average. The average bowhunter in NYS kills a deer every nine years.

However the average bowhunter has never been in a archery pro shop.
Joel of course doesn't fit this scenario.

Two years ago he took a spike buck.

Last year he took a button buck.

This year he took, well your looking at it. His brother seems to
like getting his hands on it also.

He had seen about forty does before this guy came along.

He took the buck at 5:15 pm and when he came to the shop it was about
9:45 pm and I would say in his mind he still didn't realize the caliber of
the animal he had taken. The people at the shop that evening guessed the
weight at 180, 185, 187, 190 and I guessed 211 pounds. Everyone said he
doesn't weigh that much. When we put him on the scale and he weighed
211 1/2 pounds.

As the owner of Creekwood I am so fortunate to be able to share in the
hunts of my customers. Over the last ten years, I have weighed hundreds
of deer and you are looking at the third heaviest buck I have ever weighed.
240 pounds is the biggest (a wooda,coulda,shoulda - not in contest) and
227 pounds for the biggest buck ever in the contest.

As Joel looked at the pictures I had loaded in the computer, he kept
saying things like:

Look at the length of those tines.

I can't believe how big he is. I can't believe I took an animal like this.

It's like the bucks in the magazine, only it's me in the picture. I asked him
if he had seen signs that the buck had made. He said, no because we didn't
go into the area to look for sign. We didn't want to screw up the area. He was
using a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead which did the job. I told Joel when he
was 95 years old and sitting in a wheelchair on the porch with a smile on his
face, people that didn't know about 10/24/07 would think he was smiling
because he had gas or something. Not many men are lucky enough in life to
have a memory like this.