JEFFERY  DIEHL: 10/13/07
                        106 LB DOE

This is Jeff's first deer in 3 years of bowhunting. His fiancÚ
was pretty proud of him and actually was part of the hunt.
She helped drag, watched the field dressing and signed up
for a bowhunter education class next year.  Jeff has one of
those women men dream about.

Last year he missed a 10 point which is behind him now. Once
you become successful the misses of the past are still there,
but are turned into learning experiences.

He was hunting his uncles land out in Barrie, NY (Jim Salmon
Land). It was a 18 yard shot and she went 0 yards. I always
tell my students in my Bowhunter Education Class when you
arrow a deer your hunt is half over. In this case it was over.
Like John Madden says "It ain't over till it's over".

I have never lost an animal I arrowed, but I wish all my hunts
were like Jeff's.