EARL  WILLIAMS: 10/13/07
                                    103 LB DOE
   130 1/2 LB 9 Point 80 0/8" BUCK

You are looking at a face that thought his season was all done
until gun season. It's that good and bad feeling. You look forward
to bow season all year and in two days you think it's all over.

Then Ron Coyle told Earl he could fill his Doe (DMU permits)
tags during the bow season.
There was this hesitation, then
a smile, and then an answer like ALL RIGHT!!!
is a sport of emotions.

All of a sudden life was good again, and he could hunt with
his bow some more, like right now.

Earl was hunting out in Murray, NY. Earl took the doe 11/13 at
5:30 with a 20 yard shot and she only went 40 yards.

Earl took the buck the following day, 11/14 also at 5:30 with
a 25 yard shot. If I was Earl, I would always be in the woods
at 5:30 PM.


I wouldn't be surprised to see one or two more entries in our
deer contest this year from Earl. We have so many people in the
that contest this year that we are going to draw eight names for
$10.00 winners instead of our usual four.