BOB  DeVITO : 11/10/07
          158 LB 9 Point BUCK

He's back, his bride is back, the same van is back, and again
he has taken an above average whitetail buck.

This year he isn't winning the contest like last year, but he is
just as big a sick-o deer hunter as he was last year and he is
in the running for the $10.00 blind drawing.

It's better than buying a lottery ticket. And a lot more fun to boot.

This season he has seen super shooter bucks, but they were
always a little out of range. This one made the mistake of
coming into the 30 yard range and things were good in Avoca,
NY again.

I told him he should have a sign made for his business on the
inside of the back door of his van so he could get free
advertising every year.

This guy is a serious hunter with a great 2007 9 point. I saw a
buck very similar to this one today. No shot, but I named him
the ringer buck.