BILL  ROGERS: 10/29/07
    150 LB 10 Point 111 0/8" BUCK

Bill started out the day finding himself in the middle of a turkey
roost. He saw his first deer a 4 pointer around 3:00 pm. He was
hunting out in Rush, NY using 100 grain Thunderhead broadheads.
At 5:00 pm he made the shot, it was 30 yards on the best bow
 buck of his life.

You want to talk about inside spread and all that outside the
ears stuff. Check this out - 20 2/8".

He had plenty of young strong experienced help with him.

His son isn't sleeping, he just blinked. He got a pass thru and
el-bucko only went 75 yards. He was all kind of excited on the

He is a friend of Bob Devito who won our contest last year.
The inside spread of this buck  is the biggest so far this year.
What a great buck!