ART  CARNEY: 10/17/07
   166 1/2 LB 12 POINT BUCK
   SCORING 116 4/8"

That's right it's Art Carney, not of Honeymooners fame, but of
Superintendent of Highways of Geneseo fame.

His son Brad is employed as you probably know at Creekwood
Archery. What an awesome twelve point buck.

He killed a bigger one a couple of years ago with a shotgun and
figured that was his buck of a lifetime. Well you just never know
do you.

If you know him from Geneseo you probably call him Dean. He
probably figured it wouldn't be fair to his political opponents to
run for office as Art Carney. Name recognition is big in politics.
Winning his office as Dean probably gives him a lot more satisfaction.

His son Brad is our resident biologist. He has less than a semester
to go for his degree as a biologist. If he gets a job out of state we
are going to miss him. However all the people shooting leagues
and competition will have a better chance of winning with Brad
gone. Dean's son can shoot.

Dean's shot was 35 yards with his new PSE X-FORCE. The hit
couldn't have been any better if he had hired a veterinarian to
insert the arrow. It was only a 40 yard trip to his dirt nap.The
buck had a 17" inside spread and Gross score was 131 4/8".