TOM  SIME: 10/15/06
      118 lb 8 POINT
      67 0/8" Gross - 63 3/8" Final

Tom and his two sons Josh and Jon and his brother
shoot our indoor 3D league every winter.

If your interested in finding an investment person
with common sense you might want to get hooked
up with this guy.

Tom loves to hunt with either a bow or gun. He and
his son took some nice Mulley's and Antelope last
year, but I really think he likes Whitetails the best.

This eight point buck he passed on because he
thought it might go over by his son, then it came
back and he passed on it a second time, just
because he wanted to, and this time it went off
in the opposite direction. Then it came back a
third time and offered him a perfect textbook shot.
He said at that point he just had to shoot it, which
he did and got the job done.