TIM  FEDERICO: 11/17/06
           Pictures to follow
          120 Class - 8 Point

Mr. Tim Federico "(The KING)" was trying his hardest
to get his $2.00 bill back. One of the bucks he was
hunting would have got the job done, and the other one
was a maybe. Well today the last day of the bow season
he shot the maybe. He got the deer to the processor
and was off to probably test out his smoke pole. I busted
his stones and told him I couldn't put it in the contest
unless he got it over here today. Since it already being
cut up he is out of it for weight but we can score the
rack anytime.  When I told him 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for
biggest rack were all Pope & Young Whitetails he couldn't
believe it. If you need a hunting camp or an electric four
wheeler this is the guy to get in touch with.