RICKY  SMITH: 10/26/06
          88 lb BUTTON BUCK

Ricky was hunting in Murray, NY when he took
this buck. He made a perfect 18 yard shot and
the buck only went 60 yards. He was shooting
a Montec G5 broadhead which did a perfect job.
His hunting partner Chris, his brother, is away
at college and I think Ricky misses him big time.

Ricky as you know worked here at Creekwood
for over three years. He is one of our best
shooters ever. Jimmy Despart was looking at
Ricky real hard to be on Martin Archery shooting
staff. When it comes to hunting, if something is
in front of him he wants to shoot, that animal
has a major problem.

The red and blue hair comes from a band that
Ricky has. He is Creekwood's rock and roll star.
When Ricky left Creekwood, he left to be an
electrician which paid him a lot more money. He
quit his job as an electrician over an issue of not
being able to hunt. This kid loves to hunt,
especially with a bow. Now he works for a bank
in Albion, NY and seems to like it.