RICK  EGAN: 11/12/06
          118 3/4 LB  6 POINT

Rick is  a customer who comes in the shop on a regular
basis to practice.

He shoots a Hoyt V-Tec with aluminum arrows, a
whisker biscuit and a SkyLight sight.

He is all the time getting his arrows fixed because he
is shooting the fletch off. I'm always telling him, shoot
a five spot and you won't wreck your arrows.

He always says he likes to know he is grouping.

I think when you have a 15 yard shot and the deer only
goes 50 yards, his way isn't a bad way. Isn't it amazing
how a digital camera can change the color of a guys
shirt. I'll have to ask him which camera did the best job.

He was using a 125 grain Thunderhead broadhead.