NATHAN  KILLEN: 10/15/06
      190" to 200" 14 Point

An E-Mail from Craig Acheson

So here he is....a 190-200" buck killed by Nathan Killen on 11/03/2006 in Southern WV in a bowhunting only county.  He should be the top buck for WV this year or close to it....we'll see.
Incidentally, even though corn was used to get the initial picture of the buck in velvet, and it is a legal means of hunting deer in WV, Nathan did not use corn or even hunted near his bait sight that he had long ago stopped using.  He knew this buck was in the area and was banking on the fact that other hunters that he knew were baiting would put pressure on him and send him over to bed on his side he was hunting.  Incidentally the picture of him out of velvet standing in corn was given to him by another guy hunting that area.  The other pics on the trail cam he got with his camera. There were a few guys that knew about this buck and it had Nathan scared to know others were baiting him hard and that he might get poached.  I am so glad a legit hunter like Nathan got him!!
Nathan used his smarts and patience with this deer and sat many days in a 'likely' spot hoping to get lucky using his no pressure approach.  He knew other guys using ATV's and corn and he did it the hard way as not to spook this buck any more than needed.  He poured over topo and aerial maps endlessly looking for possible places to ambush him and he just put his stand at the exact place he needed to and sat in it at the right time....but it's no surprise he got 'lucky' with this buck.
He got good advice from Bobby Worthington from Tennessee, an experienced hunter and writer for North American Whitetail and an author of a book on bowhunting trophy bucks to hunt this buck and simply 'put in his time' and scouted smart and hard even though he lived some distance away (he lives in VA and was hunting in WV).  Bobby will most likely be writing a story for Nathan and get it into North American Whitetail in the next year I guess....
CONGRATS Nathan!!  Awesome buck!

I don't know Nathan, but this photo says it all. The license plate,
the picture in the back of the truck window, the photos in velvet
all scream out; this is a person deserving of a buck like this. This
guy has a core set of values that say's, I CAN GET ER' DONE!

IN West Virginia