MIKE  MARINI: 10/14/06
          156 3/4 lb 8 POINT
          98 5/8" Gross - 96 2/8" Final

Mike has become a good friend over the years he has
been coming to Creekwood.

He is a finger shooter, and a damn good one.

He and his wife, Melanie, shoot our couples league
every year.

Mike enjoys shooting a competition bow, as
well as bowhunting.

He was hunting in Sweden, NY on Tom Lewis's

Tom is the tall guy that works at Creekwood.

He reported his shot as 18 yards and that the
buck went 300 yards.

Later on he went back and checked it out with
his GPS, and the shot was actually 21 yards,
and the buck went 170 yards.

I'll bet the 300 yards grew to be such as he was
dragging the buck out.

The further you drag a deer the more it weighs.

He was using a 100 grain Muzzy broadhead.