MATT  BRANCH: 11/02/06
          190 lb 11 POINT
          147 5/8" Gross - 139 6/8" Final
          THAT'S POPE & YOUNG

You are looking at a young guy, with a buck of most
peoples lifetime.

Matt was hunting in Riga, NY when he too this
awesome animal.

I wasn't at Creekwood when Matt brought the buck
in, so I didn't get to enjoy his story.

When he comes in to collect his winnings in the
contest, I look forward to hearing all about it.

The mental toughness a man has to have to
maintain his cool when shooting a buck like this
at fifteen yards is not an easy thing to control.

The buck only went seventy yards. His inside
spread is 17 4/8",

Main beams 22 4/8" and 20 4/8", Brows 6 2/8"
and 4 3/8",

G-2's 10 4/8" and 10 5/8", G-3's 10 1/8" and 9 0/8", 
G-4's 3 1/8" and 1 0/8".

It doesn't seem right that a buck like this can
come in second place in a deer contest in New
York State. What a super year.

When I killed my biggest bow buck ever, my hunting
partner, Roger Lowden told me, "You might as well
quit hunting because you will never kill a bigger buck
than that".

It didn't stop me from hunting and I bet this monster
buck won't stop Matt either.

I wonder if Matt listens to Larry the cable guy:
"GET ER DONE", because he did.