JOSH  SIME: 10/21/06
          140 LB 9 POINT
          121 0/8" Gross - 105 3/8" Final

Josh is turning into quite an accomplished hunter.

He has developed the problem of chasing young ladies.

We are hoping by 2007 he will get it entirely out of his
system. I have tried to explain to him that hunting
season is just a few weeks out of the year.

He harvested this buck with a ten yard shot and the
buck only went twenty yards.

He was using a Wasp broadhead.

The G-3 on the left side was broken off 1 5/8"
above the main beam which made it not a Pope
& Young record book whitetail, but that wasn't
Josh's fault.
His dad, Tom has got that look.
"That's my boy".