JOHN  HIGGINS: 10/14/06
          178 1/2 lb - 10 POINT

            98 0/8" Gross - 83 7/8" Final

If it was officially scored, it would be lower with
more deductions,

but we like John at Creekwood so we scored it
our way. What a special buck!

What's so unusual about the rack is the three main
beams, two on the left side.

There were actually three different pedicales, with
hair in between all three.

John is a farmer, and all his deer are personally
fed by his sweat and toil. 

Most of them are known by him but this particular
buck, he had not seen before. 

He and his wife Molly both shoot bows as do many of
his friends.

His boss offered him mega bucks to work and
not hunt opening day, 

but had he gone for it,

the meat wouldn't be in his freezer, 

he wouldn't have had this big smile on his face, 

the taxidermist wouldn't have the challange of
mounting this knarley buck, 

and life wouldn't be as good.

John absolutely had to hunt opening day,

just to keep the economy going.

We all, owe John a lot for taking off opening day.

He made a forty yard shot, and the buck only
went fifty-five yards.

He was hunting in Wheatland, NY.